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  1. another breack point question regarding the m123a1c and mack dm 800 drivetrain between mack dm800 fitted with 675 engine, 18 speed (16.3-1) and final drive of 5.63 with 11.00 x 24.5 tires and the m123aic wich one will pull harder on low first. and wich one will last on breackage of driveline parts??
  2. i'm on the heavy load low boy cargo bussiness...now i'm handling load with a gmc brigadier prime mover fitted with follow configuration engine dd 8v71 (318h.p.) allison ht750drd (23.96-1) on 1, according to allison specs dp21 eaton ( 6.17-1) 275-70-22.5 tires i will like to explore the posibility to replace this unit with a consolidated m123a1c with the follow configuration engine cummins (300 h.p.) mack trdx720 ( 12.97-1) at 1 low mack end 65,000 rated 10.11-1 14 x 24 tires pulling weight always goes over 300,000# of combinated (load + 4 axle + 3 axle boogie all on 12.00 x20) so far gmc achieve the goal. however component start to worn and a replacement time is comming soon so basically the question are: 1) if m123a1c with clutch will have at least the same capability to take off on hill as gmc 2) if m123a1c drivetrain will fail (break) under such condition 3) comparing oshkosh m911 drivetrain (same rear end as my brigadier) with mack m123a1c one..witch one will fail first???
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