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  1. Typical quality of your work.
  2. The fastest way to search for trucks is to click the ideas tab, then search for ideas, newest, then click all categories, ground, then click all types, New development. You can vote for the same suggestions more than once, but only once a day. Vote often, the military guys have a lot of votes for their stuff. Modern American Aluminum Dump (Tipper) Trailer http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/3309/ American Detachable Goose Neck Lowboy Trailer http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/3306/ Kenworth Fruehauf Bekins Truck http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2905/ Cold Planer http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2852/ Kenworth T680 http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2851/ Kenworth T800 http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2763/ Volvo VN630 http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2850/ Caterpillar D11 Bulldozer http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2760/ North American Grain Semi Trailer http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2624/ Mack Granite http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2623/ Mack Pinnacle Rawhide Edition http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2622/ McNeilus Bridgemaster Concrete Mixer http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2606 Freightliner Cascadia http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/3858/ Global Van Lines Tractor and Trailer http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/3897/ Mack Vision http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2627/ Mack R700 http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/1550/ Duplicates Mack Titan http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/4064/ And there are many other truck, construction and commerical vehicals suggestions there. Mack Titan http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/4648/
  3. Please vote for new Mack scale model kits: Mack Pinnacle Rawhide Edition http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2622/ Mack Granite http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2623/
  4. I think all Euro trucks are ugly. They all look like refrigerator boxes. The Stralis is less ugly, but ugly nevertheless. I understand Euro trucks are constrained by the regulations they operated under; length of overall rig, width of Euro roads, uniformity of the EU standards to name a few. Nevertheless, the boxy, short wheelbase and high cabover design has an awkward aesthetic.
  5. I think new Scania's are among the least attractive of the Euro trucks. That raised roof just looks ugly to me. As far as the most attractive current Euro trucks to me, the Iveco Stralis Hi-Way is among the best.
  6. The federal US weight limit is 80,000lbs. Many states allow 110,000lbs. There has been legislation offered in the US congress to raise the national limit to 97,000lbs. Many truck carriers would be happy with 150,000lbs limit. With the current condition of US roads, bridges and tunnels, I would suggest that they worry about fixing the national infrastructure first before they caterer to the trucking lobby.
  7. Euro trucks are generally odd looking, but interesting.
  8. Mind you, the USA and Canada are the number 1 truck markets in the world!
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