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  1. Thanks everybody! Love the resources in this group!
  2. Brought my 58 B in for a little touch up. Spokes and wheels. Added tubeless in the rear. Painted the rear end, springs, air tank and brake cans. Polished and clear coated the air lines.
  3. Hello all, Would anyone have part #'s for Oil and fuel filter sock/cartridge for my 58 B model with a 673? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Bill, It has a 12 front, 38 rears, single frame, no wet system a/c works great. Thanks for asking.
  5. It has the soft ride. Truck actually rides very smooth.
  6. Florida truck, Originally white. New rubber last year. 106k miles. 300, air six speed, a/c. Every hose or gasket has been replaced. Frame and wheels repainted last year. New Chrome bumper. Original stainless muffler. $35k
  7. We have heard the same thing, but love our four Titans.
  8. Name: Mack Rw (1988) Date Added: 27 April 2014 - 06:46 PM Owner: JimmyR Short Description: 1988 Superliner tractor View Vehicle Originally a florida truck. I got it from a guy in Atlanta Ga. Drove it home from there stopping at the Mid America show this spring. I just had the frame, bumper, wheels and spokes painted up. It has been really nice working on something with no rust.
  9. Great topic. It is an expensive hobby, just to keep the iron in it's current state, let alone improve it. I always love seeing the trucks, but the people and the stories are the best part. I keep seeing new trucks and meeting new people. The diesel fuel is super expensive for sure. I hope people keep coming even if they ride along or bring a car or truck. It's funny to be the young guy (just turned) 46 yesterday! Or younger guy in the hobby. Seems like more and more of my Heros keep passing away each year. I always try and talk to as many people as I can and learn about how they started trucking etc. It's also sad that the hobby does not continue from generation to generation. I try and include my wife and girls in the hobby, but don't force it on them. I know I can talk about and look at old iron all day, but it's not their cup of tea, so we try and meet up for dinner or incorporate other stops on some of the trips. Hope to see you guys out there. Can't wait for next season. We are knee deep into a frame job and restoration on my 66 International 4000. Hope to have it done for Macungie. We will see.
  10. It's so great to see the unlettered picture. I had literally had the truck less than 12 hours when the picture of it without lettering was taken at the Yankee Candle show. The second was at Worcester Sand, which was a great show also. Walt, from Walt's signs in Jaffrey had lettered my Dad's trucks when I was a kid, and lettered this truck for Bernier Oil in Greenville. I was really happy I could get him to stripe this one with real paint. It was so much fun just watching. Yes, I brought the truck to the Bethlehem show with our Black Titan. What a great show, kind of a hidden Gem. Glad you guys are enjoying it. I really love the old girl.
  11. Thanks for having me here guys. I have a beautiful 1958 B61 that I love driving and taking to shows. I'm looking for a clean R or RW.
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