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  1. I have a feeling nobody has had this issue before but I`m working on a vmac3 LE garbage truck with dual operating positions.

    The truck just got back from transmission shop for new Allison. Now when you switch the operating position switch, the trans pad will switch from left to right and back, but the throttle stays left. it wont work on the left side at all. I`m not sure how the switch is tied into the electronics and I have no diagram.

    The Trans shop says its not on them, they didn't have anything to do with it.

    No fault codes.

    Anybody got anything?

  2. You need to install 3 .025 shims under the rocker stands of the rear head.

    Common issue with a re man head. I can't think of the part number off the top of my head, but your dealer should have them in stock.

    Reason for this is that your head was machined and now the valves are sitting higher. Shimming up the rocker will eliminate any engine brake clearance issues.

  3. Did your clutch lock in with the shop air applied or unlock? 

    Make sure the new solenoid you installed is the correct part, if not it could work backwards from what it is supposed to do.

    IF it's the typical Horton (air unlocks it) the ecu will send a ground to the fan solenoid to apply air and unlock it. The solenoid would have constant 12v with the ecu using ground for control.


  4. Fuel pressure should be somewhere in the 60-75 lb range. Testing under load would be ideal, but often you'll see it near zero at idle when the gear is slipping on the shaft.

    If it's a restriction in the fuel system pressure might be good until you get it under strain.

  5. You say various boost codes? Different fmi's? What are the code numbers?

    Possibly not actually a mechanical issue but maybe electrical. High resistance in the circuit for example.

    Might pull the connectors off of the ecu and check for oil wicking. I've seen that cause some really strange things.

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