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  1. A friend of mine builds tilt trays (roll backs in the US I think you call them)


    Anyway he told me never to use silicon as it contains acid I think he said and makes paint etc rust badly

    He got me onto Sikaflex as it doesn't contain this acid or whatever it is that causes the corrosion 

    Seams to work fine so far 



  2. 46 minutes ago, 41chevy said:

    The entire body design is for low cost manufacturing. All the body panels are made with a shear and a brake. no curves so no expensive tooling and presses.

    I always understood that one of the reasons manufacturers put curves and the like in body is to give them strength and top stop a lot of noise and warpping etc


    This ute doesnt appear to have it


    Deboss garage did a segment on this jigger 


    It is huge and will be hard to park anywhere in Australia, dunno about the US but Richard seems to think this will be a problem in Canada and he lists a few other issues 



  3. Ok that maybe a little harsh but 

    Mack E6 and Mack trans are mounted in three spots 

    Unless that chassis is twisted up like a Twistie I very much doubt and can not see how it can be the problem 

    You could bend it side ways and as long as those three mounts line up reasonably well it will be fine 

    I have never worked on a heavy truck were anything even remotely lines up once they have a few years on them 

    I need jacks and porta powers sometimes just to get things apart and back together and still have none of these dramas 

    Truck flex and twist a unbelievable amount in their day to day lives and dont have these dramas 

    It isnt your chassis 

    As we say out here "tell him his dreaming"



  4. I have driven past here many times and have never stopped, always say I should abd will

    I am unsure if I can just call in or if I have to make a appointment to see  it 

    Must jump on the phone beforehand and find out one day 

    The R 800 was a bit of everthing and appears to have been built in all shapes and sizes 


  5. 17 hours ago, harrybarbon said:

    Here is an Aussie right hand drive, Old Yella, all original, Cummins motor, think 250, no turbo, cabin body is straight and mainly surface rust, frame straight and surface rust and from memory it is double rail. Running when parked. He is sitting in an outback yard, dry area, with many - many Doggies to howl with in the still country nights. His best mate, a white Doggie, has been sitting proudly near him for a long time, keeping him company, he too is waiting for a good family to adopt him.

    Old Yella is very keen for a new family to adopt him and will give him lots of TLC.









    Harry if you ar faur dinkum about old yella needing fresh home send me message and you never know, if the price is agreeable I have travelled from one end of this wide brown labd to the other for a toy much bigger and uglier



  6. Dunno about not many about Kerang 

    In one street there is 3 R's one F at least 3 CH 

    And I know of another R model anda fella I know fairly well had his series 1 Super liner at Wacol and still has his R model, it just sits now as he has aged a bit but still loves it even though he doesnt drive it 


    A fella at Koondrook has a few R models that are used every day 


    There's still a few around considering the age, a lot of this has to do with the climate as well 



  7. 15 hours ago, harrybarbon said:

    The yellow and white Superliner - I think 1988, is same owner from new and continues to work daily as livestock and hay transport, it now has a Cat 600 hp and 18 spd Mack box on Neway rears - owner/driver is a gentleman

    Andrew Kerr name seems to ring a bell

    Last time I  saw it was going thru my old home town with a B double load of sheep on



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