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  1. Our 73 was wired parralel,BUT also for some reason was a positive grounded system
  2. In all the fleets,Ihave worked for,we changed the cartridge,and spitter valve once a year,usually 1-2 months before winters onset. The cartridge also got changed earlier if constantly cycled,or left alot of water on ground when cycles a couple times
  3. Sounds alot like our 73 mack,our 79 has a different tone,could tell them apart by the pitch. the 73 had an ENDT673 with shutter stat system The 79 has a ENDT676. Always liked the 73's sound better
  4. Are any of the axles locking up? Could be treadle valve or a sticking relay valve to either drives or steer,the crack pressure is off,and you get a sudden burst when it does.,overtightened slacks can do this also to close to drum and when you push a tad harder it'll lck up. Also is this an ABS system or standard system or an old unit with the i beleive is the 1121 system.(never can remember the number,the early 70's antilock system).
  5. I am 99% sure it is an AD2,we had them on our old units. Took about 1/2 hour to remove,clean,change,the cartridge,and do the prge valve. Also looks like a heating unit on it,check for proper operation on it also when apart
  6. When I was trained by bridgestone,they recommended the diagonal rotation. as for all new on one side,I never heard of that,but might be true
  7. basically check all systems that you know that have air/electric to them. The problem area is most likely solenoid controled as the leak stops when you cut electrical power. Even though pto is not being used,would be good idea to check it out also.
  8. basically check all systems that you know that have air/electric to them. The problem area is most likely solenoid controled as the leak stops when you cut electrical power. Even though pto is not being used,would be good idea to check it out also.
  9. Seems rumor mill at our station has the 79 CF may be bought local,and used as a reserve piece for our end of the county. Meaning she will be a "show" piece,but when needed by a local dept. she will be "front line" again. Boy I hope that rumor comes true. Some also want to keep here,and do minor "refurb" work and keep her in house for special use or for fire prevention duties,along with back up duties. I for one wanna keep her,and use her for parades,and reserve duties. In the past,with us have the luxury of 2 engines(pumpers). She has been loaned out to other depts, who only have 1 unit when thiers have broken down,some did not want to return her,other could not wait to ,cause she is a 5 speed manual transmission. So she has served other depts proudly,and they all loved her,cause I know she has been on major incidents when out on loaned,and kept pace,and surpassed alot bigger,and newer units,at those scenes.
  10. As you can tell I am a "fire nut" so to speak. One thing makes me feel so proud is that in our station we have and still is THEE primary protector of my community,and me is our 79 CF. She only goes to fires in our town,and township,but she is taken care of by all like she is fresh from the assembly line floor. Today again she was being wash,some more waxing,armor alled,and tire dressing put on. She sits as thee symbol of our dept. and is loved by all the members. She has taken all that she has been tasked to do,and keeps on going strong. With her "retirement date coming soon(early 2009) Old,and especially the young members want to keep her some way some how,active in the dept,or active fire service. Makes me so proud to say that she is still our front line protector. A recent poll by a fire forum page for our county still has her as the best if the front line responders. she still wins for best appearing,and equipped alot of times. As one of the most respected members told me...."its great to have a dog in house".
  11. Today the "unlucky" star found the wife. This morning she went out to her car to go make final payment on it,and go to doctors. Well when she got to it discovered someone in probaly and 18 wheeler side swiped her car. bought 1675.00 in repairs needed. This is the 2nd time it was sideswiped while parked. The first time it did 1200.00 in damages but we had witnesses,and tracked the car down,and pressed charges,cause she was still drunk when the cops went to the home,plus beer was in car with some spilled on her seat,and consule. She denied it even after said had multiple witnesses,and the wifes cars paint was all down the side of her car. hope the "star" moves on soon
  12. If this was a west coast(california) unit,the light was a steady burning red warning light. East coast used lights such as mars oscolating lights or a roto ray. California claimed a steady burning red light worked better than a rotating light in same position. As for mfg. I am not sure,who made it,but could be a mack product itself,cause all our 1950's models we had (50,54,59) all parts were labeled with mack emblem of the time
  13. I do not know whop I pissed off in another life time,but things just keep getting better,and better....ROTFLOL. We have severe T-Storms roll through the area overnight. Well get into truck to go to work,and all I got is headlights,and taillights,no other electrical power. I get to work,and pull fuse block out,and all but 2 fuses,and 1 breaker is burned up so to speak. Replaced them all but still had no radio,and gauges. So I go get the electrical guru at work,he opens door,turns on key,and yep you guess it,radio starts blaring,and gauges all work....We did find a burn mark on roof of my truck also.
  14. CF686F1292


    What a sucky weekend....Found out my standing with spouse.....we go camping every weekend,we have a seasonal site. There was a cruise night on saturday,and we were sitting in front of bandstand,till they started to play. Then my wife,daughter,and I moved up to the stores patio to listen to the music,well we were sitting close together,me rubbing her back. Well I got hunger,so went into store to get food,and when came out,there was a guy sitting in my chair!! So told wife "whats this? she said just go sit on other side of daughter" I'm like damn you could not even save your husband his chair while he goes for food. She got all bent outa shape,and said i was making a scene.(I NEVER raised voice above normal tone). so made comment to guy,and he said should i get up,and I replied naw your to @$%^# ignorant to figure out the chair was taken(chair was tight against wifes),and she was to dumb to save it. She said that they cane up as a family,and well need the chair,and i could sit at other end,and besides he probaly would have took it....YAAAAA Right. Yet there were 3 EMPTY picnic tables behind her. so told her i know where i stand if ya cannot save your husband chair. Well off the deep that time of month end she went again. She does not understand why i got so made and insulted.... . needless to say kinda still not talking unless have to. Add insult to injury. I fish a great deal,been using same tackle bag for 15 years,only this weekend lost box outta bag that had all my hot lures in it,and did cost run,and had 78.75 worht of lures in it, Bad thing is box floats,so probally 15 miles down stream before noticed it was gone,as I was using different lures that day to try them out. I had slid into a deeeep hole and when got out of it box was there, so waded back across stream,and continued fishing,did not notice it gone till daughter came out,and wanted to fish using those lures,we searched for 2 hours. Even running down stream along path to look for it,no dice. WOW What a Weekend.
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