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Old Dog May Have Extra Life



:chili: Seems rumor mill at our station has the 79 CF may be bought local,and used as a reserve piece for our end of the county. Meaning she will be a "show" piece,but when needed by a local dept. she will be "front line" again. Boy I hope that rumor comes true. :chili: Some also want to keep here,and do minor "refurb" work and keep her in house for special use or for fire prevention duties,along with back up duties. I for one wanna keep her,and use her for parades,and reserve duties. In the past,with us have the luxury of 2 engines(pumpers). She has been loaned out to other depts, who only have 1 unit when thiers have broken down,some did not want to return her,other could not wait to ,cause she is a 5 speed manual transmission. So she has served other depts proudly,and they all loved her,cause I know she has been on major incidents when out on loaned,and kept pace,and surpassed alot bigger,and newer units,at those scenes. :thumb:


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