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Old Dog Still Shining



:SMOKIE-LFT: As you can tell I am a "fire nut" so to speak. One thing makes me feel so proud is that in our station we have and still is THEE primary protector of my community,and me is our 79 CF. She only goes to fires in our town,and township,but she is taken care of by all like she is fresh from the assembly line floor. Today again she was being wash,some more waxing,armor alled,and tire dressing put on. She sits as thee symbol of our dept. and is loved by all the members. She has taken all that she has been tasked to do,and keeps on going strong. With her "retirement date coming soon(early 2009) Old,and especially the young members want to keep her some way some how,active in the dept,or active fire service. Makes me so proud to say that she is still our front line protector. A recent poll by a fire forum page for our county still has her as the best if the front line responders. she still wins for best appearing,and equipped alot of times. As one of the most respected members told me...."its great to have a dog in house". :SMOKIE-RT:

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