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    My passion has always been towing. I have done stock car racing. I have owned a body shop and have done a lot of work on large trucks including the Mack factory in Macungie, PA and the local Mack dealer sent all there wrecks to our shop. Always loved Bass fishing and hope to have time to do more.
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  1. This is a 1937 EJ Chassis. Built as a spec truck for the factory. I bought it in 1958 and converted it into a wrecker. Drove it as a work vehicle for 30 years until I retired it. This was to be my retirement hobby but am unable to complete it. It has been sandblasted and is in primer. Most of the parts are with it to be put back together. Asking $2500. Call Butch 484-894-9446
  2. I have 41 magazines or booklets that were published for the employees of Mack Manufacturing Corporation, Allentown, Pennsylvania. The publishing dates range from January 1940 to December 1944. These booklets are in excellent condition, a few have tears in the crease of the cover. No writing, bends or creases. Perfect for the serious collector or someone who had a family member employed by the Mack plant during that time. They also present an interesting read of small town America during the war. 1940 Issues: January; March; May; July; August; September; October; November; December. 1941 Issues: January; February; May; June; July; August; September; October; November. 1942 Issues: January; February; March; May; June(2); July; August; September; October; November; December. 1943 Issues: January; April; July; August; September; October; December. 1944 Issues: March; July; August; December. I am asking $400.00 for this collection. Entire set sells. Email bruce.yocum@gmail.com
  3. My contacts from Mack plant called it a hybrid. I don't know what criteria they had used.
  4. Thanks Guys for your input. The truck today is in the "middle" of reconstruction. I've been trying to sell it because I cannot complete the job. I owned a body shop and sold the shop in December and have moved so I no longer have access to the space and tools that I needed. I am attaching a poster I took to the Macungie show. There are also more pics on the "trucks for sale" forum on this website. The listing is titled "Bessie's Legacy. Pass the word to anyone you know who might be interested. The price is negotiable but transport must be arranged from Eastern PA.wrecker sale poster.pdfwrecker sale poster.pdf
  5. I got a copy of Ron Adam's "Mack Truck". I have owned a '37 EJ Mack since 1958. I looked through this book and found no EJ's. My title says EJ. I was told by people from Mack Trucks that it was an experimental model and they got me a copy of the line set ticket from the factory. Does anyone else own this model? I didn't realize how few were made.
  6. Hi! I just found this forum. I have owned a 1937 EJ Mack that I had bought when I was 15 and converted it to a wrecker. It was a work truck until 1987. I bought my Dad's body shop and didn't have the time to tow anymore. I sold the business Dec 2012 and had planned on restoring her but my health is preventing me from completing the job. I have her listed on the Trucks For Sale forum. So until she sells I still am an E model owner. I have a copy of the lineset ticket from the factory. I lived in Allentown, PA, the home of Bulldog, all my life. I've attached a picture from years ago and a recent headline that made the local newspaper. There was a feature story on her in the business section.
  7. I am 70 years old and have owned Bessie since I was 15, a total of 55 years. I had bought her and converted her into a wrecker. She has been a work truck until 1987. At that time I bought my father's collision repair business and did not have time to tow which is still my passion. Over the years, Bessie ever faithful, has sat neglected. But when I had time I would charge the battery, add some fresh gas and start her up just to hear that beloved roar. I sold the business this past December 2012 with plans to restore Bessie to her former glory. I have stripped her down and had the body and frame sandblasted and put in primer. However, because of personal health issues I have to abandon my dreams and hope someone else may be willing to take on her restoration whether for work, show or personal pleasure. She has served me well and nothing would bring me more joy but to see her get a good home. I have collected a lot of spare parts. The body, fenders & doors are in good shape. Needs work on the rear tow body. Winch is in good shape. Asking $8,000. OBO. Call Butch at 484-894-9446 or email me at bruce.yocum@gmail.com. wrecker sale poster.pdf
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