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  1. Name: Mack FR 786 RST (1976) Date Added: 31 January 2009 - 10:03 PM Owner: jeffbyrne Short Description: Complete original,unabused, running . 20" wheels View Vehicle
  2. Name: Mack R685RST (1974) Date Added: 24 January 2009 - 05:48 AM Owner: jeffbyrne Short Description: A complete & original running truck. 237, 6spd, 34's on 44's 165"wb 20" steel spoke. This truck is fitted with a 10 cu m tipper body.It is my work truck. View Vehicle
  3. Name: Mack R785RS (1971) Date Added: 24 January 2009 - 05:41 AM Owner: jeffbyrne Short Description: Chassis,cab,hood,front axle and radiator only. 207" wb, 20" steel spoke fr wheels only, no rear end, was a 40 or 44,000lb. This is a rebuildable prospect. View Vehicle
  4. Name: Mack R685RS (1970) Date Added: 24 January 2009 - 05:20 AM Owner: jeffbyrne Short Description: This truck is complete except for an engine, it is a steel fronted 'R',6spd, 40,000lb rear 165" wb, 20' steel spoke. View Vehicle
  5. Name: Mack 2 x B61RT (1965) Date Added: 24 January 2009 - 05:04 AM Owner: jeffbyrne Short Description: these 2 are just skeletons, with cabs & guards, 1 is a roller the other rear only. Both were 711 Quad. The roller is rebuildable, other is bits only,dble rail is too far gone with rust, it has a 22" wheeled rear. View Vehicle
  6. Name: Mack B61T (1960) Date Added: 05 December 2008 - 11:26 AM Owner: jeffbyrne Short Description: RHD 164.1/2" WB View Vehicle
  7. Hi Grant, yeh I mentioned to you ages ago, R700 cab mounts are different to R600 mounts. I'm sure you can make R600 mounts fit, be nice to have R700 mounts though. Jeff.
  8. As David said, a CLR was the equivalent of a CL. If it was a CLR822RSX it would be a Titan but using the R model chassis.
  9. rhasler, A CLR around 98/99 would be a Titan I think. the 1st CLR's were like a CHR but longer bonnet/hood, the cab sat higher but the bonnet sat the same height, so there was a pronounced slope to the bonnet. Mack replaced this CLR with the Titan and the Trident. CLR, CHR, MHR they are all on R model chassis rails. The Titan, the early Superliner, Cruiseliner and MCR all used R model chassis. In the Mid 90's Mack announced that the CH chassis was now available. The R chassis continued to be used on the Titan. Someone else might be able to clarify these details. As for the E9, I've beleived that emissions killed it. Jeff.
  10. In the early/mid 70's, the engine designations changed from ENDT675 to T675, or TB675 if fitted with Dynatard.
  11. The #'s in your pis are cast into the parts, every casting will have those same #'s. what you are looking for is #'s that have been stamped in with a stamp and hammer or similar. Look where fjh suggested, ahead of the fuel pump on the top flat deck of the timing case. Jeff.
  12. Thad, looks like a BX, the other trucks in the B model range appear to have a different front chassis end similar to an AB Mack.
  13. If it is a genuine B615, and I beleive that it is, it would have had a V8 badge from new. It may have been removed when it was replaced with the 6 cyl. engine. The way to tell if it is a B615 or not is the chassis #, also the B615 had a different firewall to other B models.
  14. Huey, a typo error, the most plentiful was the MCR700, Regards Jeff
  15. Huey, The only MXX600 was an MBR600, it had a cab similar to a White Compact. The other M's were 700's, the MIR700, this truck used the Brockway low-forward entry cab and the MIR700 which was the most plentiful model, it was the cab with the large windscreens and optional large sliding door windows. Unless you know the model # e.g. MIR785RS or MCR786RST or whatever. Joe an MIR785 would originally be a 237, an MIR786 would be a 285. Uncertain about an MSR600, dont know of this model, it could a Renault model. Hope this info helps Regards Jeff
  16. Leslie, You could basically say that 66 was the last year of the B model. I think the last one rolled of the production line April 66. There was probbly new ones being delivered well after that date. 'The big square external radiator on the B61'? Depends on how specific you want to be. There was what you could call a streamlined external radiator on B models. It was really only on the B615 which was a V8 B61, or the B70 series, although I would not be surprised if a number of 6 cyl B50 or B60 series were factory fitted with this rad. The B615 was available from 62, the B75's etc from about 55 on so this radiator was available well before 65. Then there was the external radiator that was on the B80 series. It was more industrial looking, like the radiators found on some L models. There were two sizes, narrow and wide. I know this radiator was fitted to the B61RSE, the 'E' denoteing 'extreme'. There were some of this model delivered to Australia well before 65. The '237'. This engine designated ENDT675 released, say, 67. Mack trucks with this engine were '85's, i.e. R685, F685, U685 DM685, R785 and so on. The '237' was the original 'Maxidyne', it was the engine that started the ball rolling on the development of high torque, constant power engines. This engine was further upgraded to the ENDT676 in about 73, this was 285hp, known as 'Maxidyne 300' or 'Cool Power' it used an engine mounted air to air intercooler. The '237' was still available with changes to model designation, like T675, EM6 237 etc. right up to the early 80's. Hope this info helps Regards Jeff.
  17. Mark, There was only two H model Mack trucks imported new to Australia, they were H673ST's for Antill Ranger, that was in 1962. Because they were LHD they were registerd for road use in the A.C.T. where you could have LHD. The F model Mack was only months away so the next COE's were F models. They were sold in mid 64 to separate owners and one was dismantled and has disappeared. The other was re-sold a couple of years later and converted to RHD by its new owner and gave many years service pulling a Low Loader around Brisbane. This truck is still in existance and is in a transport museum in Queensland. There has been one imported recently by a collector and it remains in LHD, it has a belt driven tandem. Hope this information is of some help. Jeff.
  18. A V8 fitted to an R600 in 1982/83. There's a story there.
  19. I've got lots of pics of R's with extended chassis. I imagine they would be on logs. The extended chassis is typical of the early type jinker, defence rests. Skip, I wont be at Alice in August. Regards Jeff.
  20. Hi Spud, ok, I dont want to split hairs or anything. Lol.. Jeff.
  21. The term 'jinker' refers to the trailer I think. The R615 is the truck pulling the jinker. The R615RS would probably have had a longer rear OH than a tractor. The truck would have been fitted with a pintle type hook at the rear. The truck would have had a log bolster mounted on a ball race or similar. When empty the 'jinker' would have been piggybacked back to the loadout by the R615. The 'jinker' would also have had a log bolster mounted to a ballrace or similar, it would have connected to the truck by a sliding timber or steel pole that hooked on to the pintle hook. When loaded the logs would sit in/on the two bolsters, one on the R615 and one on the jinker.
  22. David, in Australia a typical log truck with bolsters on truck and trailer and a sliding pole to connect trailer to truck was/is generally refered to as a 'timber jinker' Jeff.
  23. I don't think I could single out 1 truck. Jeffro.
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