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  1. Maybe if it was restored and re powered. I agree with the others around $2000. I payed $1600 for mine as a rust free B-42 cab and chassis. Then repowered the whole thing. The 237/5 speed mentioned would be perfect way to go and a good price mentioned above. That guy needs to stop smoking whatever he has been. That frame is predrilled for diesel mounts and front crossmember by the way.

  2. Maddog 13407, I was told I would need a double reduction axle (RAD series) for that chuck or need to modify the original. I bought it with the axles and they did have the cones. Pulled the axles and carrier from the housing and compared everything closely for fit. The original axles had the cones, so I reused them as they were in better shape. As for the carriers, all the mounting areas were identical. there are four pads on both carriers in the back that are drawn into a ring internal to the axle housing for support.. The major difference was the external areas to house the extra set of gears, making the double reduction housing longer and requiring driveshaft shortening. My original engine was a END-673 and was upgraded a few years ago to a 237. The whole truck has been together for 15 years and I have never had any rear end issues with numerous cross country trips with various weights on it. It is possible to do that swap. If his truck was always diesel it will probably have the double reduction housing to start with.

  3. I removed the original carrier from my RAS-508 rear axle, it was around a 5.70 ratio and single reduction. Replaced it with a CRD-117 double reduction carrier from a R Model, with a 4.62 ratio. It was a direct swap with no modifications. This all was in a B-42 that I swapped the drive line out of. I do have a double overdrive Triplex in it behind a 237. If you can figure out what overdrive your transmission has it will help you with finding the right ratio for your application. The R model carriers have a wider range of ratios and will be easier to find. Did mine about 15 years ago and have never had any issues with it. I can dig up the exact details if you need it, but the above info was off the top of my head.

  4. The B-61 donor for my truck was the key. The transmission mounts, front cross member, radiator, shutters and many miscellaneous small parts were all there. Using Mack components made it all so easy. Maintenance is also easy. The bonus for me was taking apart the donor and finding a power steering box in it, as i bought it originally for the transmission, which I never used.

    Axles and springs were not a huge concern as I wasn't planning on hauling big weights, antique cars mostly, on a roll back body. The ride is good with my set up. Been all the way out to Colorado and all over the Northeast with it.

    My current setup is a ENDT-675, TRTL-720 and a CRD-117 (4.62) final drive. Gives me 1600 RPM @ 65 MPH and 80 plus against the governor.

  5. It might have been the 77 series, it was a while ago I did the swap. Regardless, it was the "baby duplex", not the larger series 72 that I put in later. There is an adapter plate used by Mack to put the smaller transmissions on the larger engines, making up the difference in bell housings. The important thing is do your research and find the components that will make it do what you want. An auto math book will be invaluable finding the right ratios for gearing using the right equations. The parts are out there to put almost anything in it to make it work for you and have a cool head turner.

  6. Two series of transmissions, 67 was the smaller gas jobs and the 72 series larger diesels. My original transmission was a TRD-67, direct duplex. A 0 added to the number,as in TRD-670, would be an overdrive and give you a .78 final drive out to the rear. Some transmissions are set up with an overdrive in each box, as in a TRT-720, which would give you a .68 final drive to the rear. There's a link here, I believe, that will take you to a site to break the numbers down and give you a ratio for each gear or someone will put it up. I can't recall where it is.

  7. I swapped out the drive line in my B-42P , EN-402,Duplex and rear diff with all Mack components. It was a very easy swap as the frame was predrilled for either gas or diesel mounts. Everything was bolt in. I bought the front half of a B-61SX to get all the bits and pieces needed and found a good rebuilt END-673, Double over Tri-plex and a CRD-117 Differential with 4.64 ratio.. Ran the 673 for over 10 years until it ate an exhaust valve seat. Then upgraded to a 237, totally different truck with that engine.

    If you have the Cummins that will save you, there will be a lot of fabricating though. You'll probably need to change out the differential as it will still be the original ratio. A double reduction diff will fit in a single reduction rear end. I think my original rear axle is a RAS-508 and it took the double reduction R-model diff without issue. Just some thoughts, good luck!!!

  8. Angelo, I will definitely take you up on that ride when I get home. Flown through there dozens of times with the military and state but have never have seen it from the water. I used to love showing people how close we are to the city from CT. At 1500-2000 ft, just South of Middletown, you used to see the Towers easily on a clear day. Or, just East of Hartford at 5000 ft you could see both the Boston and NYC skylines.

  9. I saw her in action that week after 9/11. Was flying in and out of Battery Park for seven days immediately after the attacks for the CT State Police, hauling Troopers and Cadaver dogs in and out of the city in Trooper One to assist NYPD. Had some down time and walked South in the Park and came upon Firefighter moored there in a marina, pumping away. Some sight, pumping right out of the Hudson, dozens of lines running off her supplying water to the scene that was still burning pretty heavily. I heard she was retired the week before 9/11 and was brought out of her retirement to assist, not sure if that's accurate though. Glad she's being preserved. Lot's of history in that fire boat.

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