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  1. Underdog,

    thank you for reposting that story. You're very lucky and hopefully have recovered well. When you originally posted that story it gave me shivers, wow!! Sometimes we don't think this hobby can be dangerous, but every once and a while it does bite. Because of your incident my truck has all new rims and tires. Again, thank you and I wish you well!!

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  2. I'm sure and nothing has changed. In CT the requirement for a CDL rests with how the vehicle is registered. Commercial plates/ weights set the requirement for it. If the vehicle(truck) is registered as a now Classic Vehicle (used to be Early American plate) and is not used for commercial purposes there is no requirement for a

    CDL and weight class doesn't apply.

    Aditionally, as long as you're carrying your own property the same would apply. Trailers seem to be a grey area as there is no Classic tag for them, just Commercial and Camp Trailer. I couldn't get clarity on this area, but I wouldn't think you'd have issues as long as it was your property.

    The Classic plate here is essentionally an antique passenger plate with no commercial purpose. Think Combination/Commercial for reimbursement/pay purposes.

    Issues you can have are if you appear to be doing commercial things with a Classic plate you will be subject to further inquiries/inspections/licences.

    Equipment violations will still stand. Tires, lights, hazardous conditions would be the same as in any vehicle.

    Theoretically, you could spec out a brand new dump truck, buy it, register it as a Passenger vehicle and use it as a daily driver/ grocery getter and no CDL would be required, as long as it was for personal use. Hopefully, this helps a little.

  3. It is a shame he now is ill. His military background was very good and we need people with character and those skills today. However, his Presidential career was lacking and he always seemed out of his element, even naive on the world scene. I believe his greatest successes were in his post-Presidential years, electoral monitoring in South and Central America, humanitarian efforts worldwide, peace agreements in the middle east, that still stand today. History will judge what he is remembered most for.

  4. CaseyB42,

    I have mine registered as a classic with antique insurance. No issues with it or putting your name on it. It's for non-commercial purposes and only hauling my stuff. No CDL required due to the registration. I do have a placard on the body, "Not For Hire" to lesson any out ouf state issues. Have only been stopped once in twenty years by a CT DMV inspector who had no idea what he was doing.

  5. Nothing new or mysterious about it at all. FBI and law enforcement has been doing this for decades. If you're not doing anything illegal, you don't have much to worry about. Drones, well that's something new and still not defined much. As long as the aircraft is within legal airspace, anything that can be seen can be searched visually. How do you think Pot is found from the air?

    This news flash makes me laugh, like Big Brother just went out and bought this "secret air force" last week and is using it against the public like we through away the Constitution. POTUS may disregard it, but law enforcement is bound by it. A very valuable tool in catching people none of us want living next to us.

    The reason for the ficticious businesses is too protect the operation from counter-surviellance, anyone who gets a registration or "N" number can google it and find out who owns it. Big deal.

    Bottom line is they're catching the people who need to be caught. If you're worried or paranoid that there's some kind of new conspiracy afoot, then worry and be paranoid.

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