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  1. Had a crack in the EGR hose that runs from the manifold to the EGR cooler, got that welded up and a new one ordered...that was a recent development though. The loosing boost while ideling has been going on for a year or so now.
  2. 460,000 miles, engine is dry for oil leaks, pulled pipe going to the air to air off nothing on the inlet side of the turbo
  3. Ok, what I've noticed is that after I idle up around 900-1100 rpm I'll get about 4-7 lbs of boot for around 15 mins, then it drops to 0 and will not get boost until i put a load on the engine, jsut reving will not generate any boost. replaced the control valve on the opposite side of the engine for the actuator, still same thing.
  4. So, I have a 2007 CHN613 with a AC-460P motor. Durning the winter months I need to use high idel overnight as I need to sleep in pullouts and it's about -20 deg. here in Canada. What happenes is after running for the night my turbo is leaking oil into the exhaust. We put a new turbo on thinking the old one was done for, but I am still having the same problem. Any sugestions?
  5. Thank you for the information. I had them put it on the computer and they adjusted all the response times, that gave me a bit of a boost. No point in upgrading the turbo when everything is working.
  6. Do they only do older trucks, also where is the musuem located I would like to visit it.
  7. That's going to be one nice truck when it's done. Also hello from way up north of you in Terrace.
  8. I was talking to our maintenance man about getting a program installed on my truck. He said that they had looked into it and it needed a bigger turbo before they would do anything, just wondering if this is true. It's on a ac-460p. The company I work for also owns 2 Mack delarships.
  9. Very nice truck! I've got to convince my equipment manager to get me one. He bought 11 new Volvo's in the spring, so I think it's time for another Mack in the fleet.
  10. What great pictures! looks like I missed out on the "good old days" of trucking.
  11. yeah got it fixed, it's been back 3 times since tho....they didn't do a good job sealing it keep getting water inside the cab.
  12. Yeah I would choose -35 all day long. It's the best feeling when you open your cab door and smell that crisp air.
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