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  1. I remember when a company I worked for did this, the rim is pressed on the spoke with a lot of tonnage. Because it was only a show truck we cut the rim and spread it slightly and rewelded it before the new rubber was vulcanized on so there was less pressing to reassemble
  2. another who knows

    with the angled turbo, looks to be a 237 maxidyne with a twin stick 6 speed maxitorque
  3. Looking to value two of my Mack trucks

    i thought a 15 you split the bottom, a 13 you split the top, and an 18 you can split both
  4. adjusting the free play won't get you clutch brake adjustment. you need to establish a clutch brake then adjust the free play
  5. EM6 237 - Tapping Noise

    no, cold engine- there are cyl numbers on the balancer. 2 per line. only do the one the pertains to the valves no down then turn to the next one. if you do it like a car there will be no compression. I learned that my first time.
  6. EM6 237 - Tapping Noise

    try adjusting the valves, it could be a loose valve seat- very common, could last for years like that
  7. 53 ford jubilee

    get one of those inline spark checkers and watch it flash, see if it stops flashing as it stalls. that should narrow it down to ignition or fuel
  8. the dm and r models have a solenoid in the dash , I think it controls the guages too. maybe on yours too
  9. i used to repower 237's with 300's. mack said that was the highest hp to put on a 5 speed
  10. air pressure droping to much when you step on the pedal

    does the air continue to drop while on the brake. If not check all the tanks for water or oil. If there's oil or water in the tanks, it takes away from air capacity, literally makes it like the tanks are smaller.
  11. without seeing it, it can be a check valve for the two separate air circuits , if it has them. (the red and green needles). It would mean nothing unless you blew a line on one side and didn't have the separation
  12. Broken axle

    I was always taught if you're gonna swing a hammer, swing a big one
  13. Broken axle

    how big a hammer are you using
  14. Air wipers

    if air is getting to the motor, pull the air line off and spray some penetrating oil in it and reconnect the line.