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Series E and DE 1930-40's door latch adjustment



Does anyone have any tips for adjust the door latch so it holds closed. The door will catch on the first cog but won't stay in the closed position.



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Ahhh..... the joys of adjusting doors with little/no adjustment.  The latch mechanism on my drivers door was badly warn and I scored a better one at show that solved most of the issues for latching.

With correct style of weatherstrip installed, my E doors look like the are open even when latched completely and require a little bit of a "slam".

Wish I had some better advice.

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Thanks for your response, been away from the DE for few days and just gave the door a little shove and it latched perfectly. Maybe it will continue to be this way :)

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I have trouble with my EF too. I have to flip the catch mechanism on the door to one certain spot in order for it to stay closed. I finally had to start locking the door at shows because the window got broke from people trying to slam the door to shut it. Which makes me think of a question I have.


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We had the same issues on the old 46 Mack, so I took the welder and added a smooth line to the top of the stationary piece above the door catch.  I had two people slam my old Mack's doors...they were warned that if they wanted to keep their fingers, that they would not touch the old truck again.   Why do people have to touch everything...why can't they just ask first. 

Anyway, we still have some issues but the doors work MUCH better with the extra weld.  (We had even cut a bigger adjustment area and it worked somewhat).    Im not sure about the other models but please make sure you check the rotating catch because each one is marked (R for right, L for left), and you should see them if they are on correctly...on the EGX1D model that is.  


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For safety sake, I replaced the latches with mini bear claw latches. The work great you can lean against the door while turning a corner and the door will not open. I consider my truck a survivor and maybe not a concours restoration.


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