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day. ...God knows



blog-0473250001372018893.jpggood evening my friend. Just a quick update on the lfsw progress. Got it home and with a little bit of drama and I managed to get it running! first time in years. took the truck cab off. I am waiting on new injection pipes as the original ones were corroded through to fire her up again. Have had to put it on the back burner as I have a new job. its a tough life when you can't work on your own truck for working for others.


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Thought we lost you. Congrats on the new job, but too bad you can't put the time in on the truck

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Yes it happens. A new job ect. ect.or family issues. I know them well. I wish you good luck with your truck. Don't give up on the restoration, it just takes time. I'm interested in your progress also.

Best regards


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thank you guys. This weekend I will make a huge push forward as I have my diesel injection pipes back. Will keep you posted.

Stephen Ellis

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good morning fellow truck lovers. Just a quick update on my progress, yesterday started with beautiful weather so I took this as a sign to shift my lazy arse. I received my new injector pipes so set about the rather frustrating and fiddly job of fitting them. armed with a 3/4 inch spanner and a large cup of tea I began with laying the pipes out to try and work out which one went where. I am sure you all know the feeling of not being 100 % sure after you have removed things where they go. But luckily for me all the pipes were shaped and labeled. Starting with number 1 or maybe it was number 6 the pipe went on without too much of a fight. Then I worked my way along the rail only tightening the nuts finger tight. Some of the pipes put up a struggle as the shape wasn't quite right so it took a bit of bending and a few choice Scottish swear words to get them all into place. Job done I moved on to bleeding the system which was a bit messy but seeing nice new shiny bits on my old truck made me smile. Taking two old 12 volt car batteries and a length of spare jumper cable it was time to see if she fired up but there was a problem, I couldn't get it to turn over so I removed the starter and turned the flywheel by hand and tested the starter. All was fine so with a bit of head scratching I tried another couple of batteries and and tried again. The motor turned over for a few seconds but without even the slightest indication of life I stopped. Trying again with my girlfriend at the pump to open the throttle while I touched the starter the motor gave a bit of a kick so we kept going. After a few tries she finally fired up. What a beautiful sound the END672 makes at tick over. So we let the oil circulate for a while then I gave it a bit of throttle and she revved up beautifully. I am sure you all know that feeling, the butterflies when you get over what felt like a massive hurdle and all the doubts dissappear. I think most of the neighbours popped round when they heard the beautiful sound and saw the smoke signals. Smiles all round. Calling it a day we tidied up and celebrated with a nice cup of tea and planned the next move.

Until next time my Mack loving friends.


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