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Calling All Cars, Be On The Look Out



Missing truck driver, AKA Other Dog, middle aged, hair sticking straight up, could be confused. If you see him tell him to check in.


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Definitely confused.

Could be lost, too.

But usually returns to pick up his paycheck.

Stay Tuned.

Paul VS

that's -hey,do you have espn or what?-the last thing I did Thursday,before I went back up the road.Got my check and went by the bank.

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...and I was gonna get a haircut at Wal-Mart last weekend,and I think the girl ran a couple of customers around me so I left,and I had an appointment today to get one at 10:30 and got in at 10:29 so I cancelled.Besides,I don't look that bad...do I?

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I try to stay out of conversations about how other guys look.

But - to each his own.

Paul VS

well so do I about other guys,but when it comes to me I'm a handsome #@$%6 ,ain't I?
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