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Lemon Pie



What is this? This looks like scrambled eggs. I don't even like scrambled eggs. This odyssey had began late Wednesday afternoon. I had picked up a frozen load for export in Atlanta. A Pompano, Miami split, with a Thursday am delivery was the usual drill. Both stops had come off without problems. At about 2:30 pm, I was on my way to Homestead. Usually by this time of day produce of all descriptions had began to make its way from the fields to the packing sheds. Availability of product to fill orders, and just being in the right place at the right time, have a lot to do with getting loaded. I had spoken with my travel agent before leaving Miami, and it looked like I would have 4 or more pick ups down south, depending on orders. With about half of my load, I got out of Homestead by about 8:30 pm, ran 27 up to Belle Glade. and shut down for the night. Belle Glade was a good call. The next am. I soon found that I needed to load several pallets of sweet corn at a local shed. With the corn on board, I set sail for Apopka, a small town N. of Orlando, on 441. Let's see, carrots at Apopka, beans at Live Oak, up close to the GA. line, then I would finish out at a small farm just east of Valdosta. This sounds like a lot of work, and it is. Keep in mind though that I was getting a box rate. The more boxes, the more money. At this time of year, California was dead. Guys were coming back to Atlanta for $1700 to $1800. I have gone from S. Fla. to Hickory NC. for $2270. I stopped for lunch at Ocala, and while waiting on my order, I called my best, friend Robert Ware aka Peg-Leg. Rob was recovering from Colon Cancer, they had removed a large part of his Colon, and he was in to the treatment stage. After telling him where I was, and what I had left to do, he wanted to know how I was going to run. Just like I always do, through the woods, whats the use of being an outlaw if you can't terrify someone. Well, He said if you are going through Soperton I'll call mom and have her make you a lemon pie. Just save me a piece. Well I had looked over my shoulder at that beautiful pie all night on the way to Hickory. After unloading this Am, I cut a shuck for the house. Now hear I am in my drive way, and my pie is all scrambled. Disgusted, I made my way into the house, opened the fridge and found about a quart of iced tea. Nothing left to do, I grabbed a spoon and started right in the middle ummm ummm


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It sure brings back some memories hearing all of the backwater Florida town names.

Although I suppose most of them aren't really backwater towns any more.

In the mid 70's I worked for Meat Dispatch, then based out of Rochester, NY. One of our

big customers was Neisner's and Big N department stores. It seems every little town in Florida had a

Neisner's or a Big N. A typical load might be 12 to 16 drops and would usually go either down the east

coast, or down through center state and the west coast. Usually loaded Tropicana orange juice in

Bradenton going north.

Those were fun times. Single and young, and travelling a lot. And I've forgotten what the job paid -

so it must not have mattered too much.

Thanks for the post - I enjoyed it a lot.

Paul Van Scott

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if it was lemon meringue,or however you spell it,it would have lasted that long with me too, but if it was a lemon chess,well that's just altogether different.I love a lemon chess pie,and one of them would not have lasted me all the way home.

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