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...good Question...

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the best diesel engine mack has made was?  

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  1. 1. the best diesel engine mack has made was?

    • Thermodyne
    • Maxidyne
    • Econodyne
    • Magnadyne
    • E6 4V head
    • E7 4V head
    • E9 4V head
    • older ENDT V8 2V head
    • other engine not mentioned

I found out quitting smoking is ridiculously easy-all you gotta do is not do it anymore! Now that I know that,i'm gonna run over to 699 Market and get me a pack...no,can't do it. I know from past experience,having quit several times before. And I don't mean quitting for 39 minutes,I mean quitting for years-then starting back. Once I was over at the hunting cabin,hadn't smoked for years,quit- A man named Dennis got the last cigarette out of the pack,crumpled it up,dropped it on the coffee table and said " see y'all tomorrow,i'm going home" and left. I picked up the pack to throw it away,and said "this pack ain't empty,there's still one in there-i'll just smoke it". So I did...next thing ya know i'm en route to the store to get me a pack. Then Henry was over at the house one time,and said " here,have a Newpote". I said " thanks,but I don't smoke,I quit". He said "quit?! awh,come on man,smoke a Newpote with me-besides,one ain't gonna hurt 'ya!". So I did,and it wasn't long before I said "hey man-can I get another one of them Newpotes?". When somebody said ''We're going to the store-anybody need anything?",I said "yeah-pack of Newpotes!". I know you're wondering-yes,alcohol was involved. Then there was the time-well,never mind,you see what i'm saying-I've done that time after time. Must be like a recovering alcoholic I guess,when they say they're one drink away from being back-I understand what they mean. You can't smoke just one,can't take one drink,or you have to start to quit all over again. I can kind of take it or leave it when it comes to drinking,but I like a beer as much as the next guy.In fact,i'm having one now...and it would be so good with a cigarette...but ...it's been 4 days-I can't promise I won't buy a pack tomorrow,but i'm not going to tonight.

And I went to Fremont,Oh. Wednesday...cold as a-and snowing across W.V... Turnpike was clear though.Just getting to the Turnpike,and after you get off it, can be a problem though. Loaded at Macedonia and unloaded in Roanoke Friday morning,now loaded for Zelienople,Pa. for Monday. Might even see Big Jim,he's going to Zelienople too.He's my best friend,we talk on the phone regularly,but seldom actually see each other in person.We're always on opposite ends it seems.


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C'mon man you can do it. Just try to keep your mind on other things, just block out smoking all together. One thing I learned from seeing my dad try to quit is, put one in your mouth when your so grouchy you hurt the people you love the most. My dad was a die-hard smoker, he could have quit if he tried hard enough, but he knew when he tried he would get aggrevated to easy. It's like me I'm down to one pop a day with caffeine. Didn't realize it though until a while back, all I drink is mug root beer and stuff like that and they don't containe caffeine. Just keep tryin' and we won't be mad at you if you wen't and got a pack right know, but atleast you are trying. That's the best way to start. Good Luck JOE

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First - You have to want to do it.

Second - You have to make the decision and take the appropriate action.

Third - You can't outguess yourself - you have to know the decision is the right thing. That will keep you going.

Fourth - Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of not smoking - all the time. Get outside and move around - a lot.

I wasn't able to do it all at once. I started in steps like not smoking in the house, then added places where I didn't smoke.

I found that just setting small goals, like "I can go until after dinner without one", or "I can go one more day", etc. really helped.

And I hung around with the people I knew who didn't smoke.

Someplace in the course of doing that - it got a little easier, then a little easier again - until finally I realized that I didn't need

to smoke. That was a long time ago - and, truthfully, it still tempts me once in a while. Then I'll see some poor SOB coughing his

lungs out and hardly able to walk around or carrying around a tank of oxygen - and I think how lucky I am. That makes it a lot easier.

You can do it. It's not easy - but, most of the real good things aren't.

Good Luck,

Paul VS

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Where do you go in Zelienople? Rome metal , ( slabs) Main steel (coils) I live and work around town maybe some day I'll catch up to you & buy & a coffee. 75T

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Where do you go in Zelienople? Rome metal , ( slabs) Main steel (coils) I live and work around town maybe some day I'll catch up to you & buy & a coffee. 75T
Over to BNZ...or is it BMZ?- it's one or the other, it's over across the tracks near Frankenstein concrete,home of a nice looking Diamond Reo mixer. It might be by that Rome Metal,I don't know. There's a place close to it where I see trucks loading steel but I don't know the name of it. I have loaded at Main Steel before though,but only once. We had three trucks unloading in Zelienople Monday,so it must be a pretty busy place. Anyway,you take 19 North right into downtown Zelienople,then make a left on 288 (tight turn!),then another left just before you cross the tracks,then bear right and another right into their driveway,right across from Frankenstein's.
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