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Happy New Year

other dog


I'm off until tomorrow,so today I had the traditional New Years meal of blackeyed peas and greens. They were mustard greens,but mustard,turnip,kale,they all taste about the same to me-I like'em all. Creeces are the best,but hard to come by. They say the greens are supposed to bring you money in the new year and the blackeyed peas bring you luck.You're supposed to have hog jowl too,but I skipped on that part. I don't know what the hog jowl is supposed to represent anyway,but money and good luck covers most things I guess. I'm also gonna try to quit smoking. I had quit for 10 years or more but started back just before my wife passed away. One of the more foolish things I've done-it's A hard habit to break.


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Quitting the smoking is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Been about 16 years for me.

Good Luck.

Paul VS

ARRRGH!...none since Wednesday.Just one then-it was an ultra lite.

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Smoking's a hard habit to quit. I've smoked once never liked it, but I come from a family of smokers so I know how it is. Good Luck on trying to quit, JOE

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