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Dad For 3 Weeks



That's right I've been a dad for 3 weeks today and lovin every minute of it. Other than a few sleepless nights and belly aches everything has been going great. We was pretty sad for the first couple of days because we found out paxton's left hip did not set up the right way. They told us if it didn't get better they would have to dislocate it then reset it. Man you talk about upset the only thing I could do was worry and cry. Good news though it won't have to be done, they had a follow up appointment and everything was fine. We've done figured out that paxton is daddy's baby and parker is mommies baby. When I get in from work paxton whines until I pick him up and only me. He likes to sleep right up against me in the bed. Parker on the other hand is momma's baby, but likes for daddy to love on him to. It seems like they have grown so much in such little time though it's unreal. They are up to 4 ounces a feeding now compared to the 1 1/2 ounces they was at after their birth. They seem to enjoy the sound still of daddy's truck, my wife says when I come home their eyes start wondering around trying to find me. We're also having problems with their new milk they put them on, their staying up longer from their stomach hurting and when they get to sleep they will wake up all of the sudden with this blood curlding scream. It got so bad one night they actually stayed up all night till they couldn't hold their eyes open any longer. Twins is a true blessing all around, a little more work, but still the best thing in the world. It's hard to believe that you can love 2 babies so much and you've only known the for 3 weeks, but I love them with all my heart. We'll guys gotta go and phone in to check on them. All this talking about them is making me miss them.


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