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They're Here!



We'll guys they are both here safe and sound. They was born sunday evening. One was 5 pounds 11 ounces, the other was 5 pounds 2 ounces. Both are eating like little pigs and doing great. I ws wondering can some one send me their e-mail address so I can mail you the pictures to be posted up. I'm slow at learning this stuff and this computer is too slow for me to wait. Thanks JOE


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Congratulations to both you and your wife - who did all the work !!

The best way to post pics is to get the photos to Barry's address at wmsi@alltel.net

Thanks for the update.

Paul Van Scott

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Way to go Joe!...and you said they're eating like little WHAT'S?!!...Wait 'til they're teenagers-you might want to buy Food Lion stock now,so you can get a discount on your groceries.Are they boys or girls? Or perhaps one of each?P.S.-Way to go Joe's wife too!

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Alright guys I e-mailed Barry the photos, and hopefully I done it right. I'm gonna pm him right now abou it. Be watching for them. Thanks Joe.

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I'll put it this way they are like their daddy they eat like little pigs lol. Both are boys, and I think I'll have to invest in food lion stock just to keep up.

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Handsome chaps you got there Joe-but the one in the little hat looks like he's dreaming about driving a tri-plex-what's up with that? What are their names? One looks like a Bill and the other looks like a Tom.My name's William Thomas by the way.How about Joseph William Paul Van Thomas Scott.. ? No? well,it was just a thought.

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Oh believe me they are gonna know what trucks are. I like the Joseph William Paul Van Thomas Scott, just if I could talk my wife into it! Good thinking by the way...lol. The way they jerk their hands around you would think their trying to shift a tri-plex. By the way their names are Parker & Paxton, but I still like your names you have picked out though.

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