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Catching Up



Finally ordered my new wiring harness for the B-67.

Working on my shopping list of plumbing and air valves for the brakes.

Hopefully I will be underway with frame plumbing and wiring in the next week or so.

Still waiting for my rear axle to come back with the higher gear ratio. That's what I get for telling

the mechanic that "I'm not in any real hurry"!

I guess that what I'm going to do is fit everything on the primed frame, then disassemble it for painting.

Hopefully it will look pretty good that way.

The concave back window opening is a pretty rusty and dog earred, and the cab corner where the exhaust bolts

is pretty well shot from rust and the vibration. So, after more time thinking about, I have gotten a really nice concave

cab back panel and a nice roof for a transplant. Given my lack of welding skills and the high visibility of the repair -

I won't be doing this myself. I know better!

Going with a frame mounted exhaust stack, so the cab corner will really show.

Paul VS


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I know what you mean,I made the same mistake in telling the body shop man " no hurry " one time.My mixer used to be solid red,and I wanted to get the fenders and top of the hood painted black. I parked it at the body shop in Appomattox right after the Railroad festival parade in October and it sat there outside the shop for weeks until I finally told him that I would like to have it done before Christmas parade,so he finally painted the fenders- the weekend before the parade.Never did get the hood painted.

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