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Post Thanksgiving



Well the holiday is past us.

A little bit fatter, but I was able to take four days off. Nice.

I also got my wiring harness for the B-67 this week, too.

After all the discussion about just softening the spring stack up on the rear axle,

I have been convinced to revisit the air ride idea for the B-67.

I'm thinking of either building my own system, ala "Tom Gannaway", or buying an

A.C.E. Superide pre-made crossmember and bags. In any case, the intent is to

use the original rear end. Both of these air ride ideas use the original spring stack with the

stock saddles and front hangers, so modification is kept to a minimum.

And a new little twist - I am looking for an inexpensive step deck trailer. Cheap enough to be a toy.

I would prefer something around 40 to 45' by 96" wide. Thinking that might help the price, because most active

carriers are looking for 50' or longer, and 102" wide.

Ideally it would have a flat deck over 17.5" rubber, to get the lowest possible deck height.

It can be old and needing work. Just not completely rusted out.

As the fleet of old and tired iron has grown, my little Eager Beaver lowboy has become a little too awkward to use regularly for moving trucks,

what with climbing the ramps then going over the tandems and down into the well.

And, best of all - I have a committed buyer for the lowboy at its' asking price!

Please keep your eyes open.


Paul VS

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