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Christmas At The Shop



Took delivery today of the H-63.

Always nice to get a new toy!

The only damper on this whole deal was that the engine turned out to have a bad rod bearing, and a pretty blued rod end.

The transmission is questionable, but we are not too concerned. Kevin All (AllMacks) has been great to deal with, and he assures me that if the transmission is not good, he will exchange it for one of his other ones.

Not too bad for a truck that was purchased "as is, where is".

We do have a spare 673 in good running order out of Jaime Samuell's B-61 that was exchanged for bigger power.

The rest of the truck is really solid and straight and very complete.

We are still waiting for feedback from the Mack Museum. They apparently have a pretty good backlog, which is encouraging. Must be a lot of projects under way.

Our ultimate goal for the truck is to go with a red cab and black fenders. Very similer to the Carolina Freight H-63 that you see on the various photo pages and East Coast shows.

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