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Driving The R-600



Had my old R-600 out for a ride yesterday.

Nice old truck and runs so sweet.

I just went to the gravel quarry where I keep the old girl to check the anti-freeze

and I ended up starting and running the truck up to temperature, then driving it around for a while,

then looking it all over for the hundredth time. Before I knew it, the afternoon was gone.

Not a bad way to spend a day.

My old lowboy trailer is loaded full with parts from the shop that I don't need right away, things like old wheels & tires,

rear end and front axle, air suspension with frame cut-off etc.

So I couldn't hook it up to take the tour around the pit. Too bad - it would have liked the ride too.

On another note - I set the B-67 cab on the frame to check for fit, and to make me feel better about a little progress.

Looks really nice sitting up there!

Just ordered air line material and brake valves for it, and need to order a wiring harness ASAP.

The rear end rebuild and ratio change is underway and all the springs are going to a spring shop for repairs

and modifications. Real glad I cut the rear U-bolts - I found one stack almost completely broken. No sign of any

damage while the stack was all together. Front springs look brand new. And the front spring rubbers - which look impossible

to find, and expensive, just happen to look brand new too.

Sheet metal work should be complete in the next couple of weeks and reassembly is in full swing.

I have Picasa from Google on my computers for photo management. Does anyone know how to get the photos from there to BMT?

I, being a computer illiterate person, have not been able to figure it out.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.


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