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  1. I don't know of any highway truck that offers a 20K front axle. Most top out around 14-16k. But yes, the lack of a big sleeper on the granite is inexcusable. The KW T880 now has a 75" mid-roof; Coronados have good sleepers and the VNX has a 60" midroof.
  2. I'm going to play devil's advocate here: I think you overestimate the importance of the 15L. The Mack 13L has 505hp/1860lbs available - but the Detroit 15L only offers 500hp/1750lbs. If you want that 1850lbs you need a DD16 - a heavier, more expensive proposition. So already the Volvo/Mack looks pretty competitive. Cheaper, lighter and more fuel-efficient - what's not to love? Here's the other thing: 500/1850 is far more juice than most operations require. Around here most bulk, fuel and steel operations using Macks and Volvos spec 13L engines to move 139,000lbs (63.5k kgs). I'm sure Paccar sells a lot of 13L motors as well. Another thing I learned: no matter what the make, a lot of these heavy haulers are only set to 450/470/1650lbs. So who really needs that 16L? People moving serious weight (far more than 80,000lbs) over serious hills like the Rockies. That's not a lot of sales.
  3. Yeah, but it was pretty funny given all the "Volvo hates Mack" talk on here.
  4. I saw a Challenger truck that looked like that a month or two ago. At first I thought it was a Volvo(?)
  5. So, not knowing how many trucks you see per month, it's hard to gauge what 2-3 means. Would you rate their reliability as good?
  6. Yeah - and Volvo isn't the only one to hide information either. But here you are - these are from 2009. I have my doubts about the advertised maximum GVW of 132,000lbs, as they've been used up here in Canada for years on Super-B's (Max GVW of 139,000lbs). Overdrive is a .78 ratio, btw. http://productinfo.vtc.volvo.se/files/pdf/lo/ATO3112C_Eng_01_953845.pdf http://productinfo.vtc.volvo.se/files/pdf/hi/ATO2512C_Eng_01_953831.pdf http://productinfo.vtc.volvo.se/files/pdf/lo/AT2512C_Eng_01_953804.pdf
  7. I've heard the opposite: that the iShift and mDrive are reliable, trouble free pieces of equipment. I've never heard of an overhaul at 500k, and I've certainly never heard of anyone yanking them out prematurely. They're built to take 750hp engines and 140T loads overseas. They're not going to self-destruct just because they're used in the USA.
  8. Useless? Please - the man is running 140 tonnes (300,000lbs). I think the mDrive in econo mode can handle American loads of 80k and under. I've never seen an HD button. Hauling heavier loads of 125k I just switched between econo and performance. I'd generally leave it on econo unless I was starting on a steep hill or something. But the econo mode would move the truck, no doubt about it.
  9. Hardly. Wing plows can be used in all but the tightest of spots. They aren't good for old, pre-automobile neighbourhoods - that I'll grant you. But just lift the wing! Everywhere else, they work well. Come up to Eastern Canada - pretty much every snowplow has a wing (Although big cities like Toronto tend to use front end-loaders with plows for the tight areas, btw).
  10. It's a scraper. The front plow is designed to ride on top of hard surfaces and not take out things like curbs, speed bumps and the like. The bottom plow is like a grader blade. It will dig in and either remove or scarify any ice surface (i.e. to make the surface rough and provide traction).
  11. Americans floor me every time. There is NO wing plow on that truck! The State spends all that money on a hurkin' big Mack with a 450hp engine, and then fails to spec a wing plow, thus making it half as effective as a regular plow. BTW, a friend of mine owned a couple of Ontario Ministry of Transportation snow plows. They were tiny trucks compared to this: two single axle Fords - an L-9000 with an L10 Cummins and a L-8000 with a 225hp 3208 Cat. Both had wings. P.S. Upstate New York has some nice plow trucks. I'm sure other parts of the States do too.
  12. That's what you wanted to hear - but that sounds more emotional than rational to me. Maybe I'm wrong. (Hey, we all want our favorite truck - no shame there.) Think about proven specs, and again, look at the conditions you are operating under. Southern Ohio just isn't as hilly as Vermont. I've stated that Ontario is a good comparison. And around here, two of the players in the heavy haul/oversize/low boy field are GM Smith and Active Transport. And guess what they run? Yup, Pinnacles. And at greater weights than your operation. And they will run across the continent. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/bluejaysfan/Freight%20Hauler%20Fleets%20-/ACTIVE%20TRANSPORT/activetransporttractorline1-22-12.jpg~original https://www.gm-smith.com/ Also, around here we have waste haulers who pin to 5 axle walking floors who always gross out at 139,000lbs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but dumps are usually muddy, difficult spots. JE Culp is one fleet that runs around here; and they don't run Titans. Verspeeten is another, and they run Volvos with the D13 (which is a repainted MP8). The point that I'm trying to make: the only people who need and run Titans are loggers in Northern Ontario, where conditions are truly rough.
  13. CXU's turn very, very well. They are light years improved from the 90's CH that I drove. I've never driven a modern CH, but I would imagine that they'd have the same wheel cut as a modern CXU. But your local dealer should be able to provide you with a turning radius as part of spec'ing a truck.
  14. 1. Driving through it! The I90, I75 and I71 are flat,flat,flat. 2. Yes, the only way to switch to manual mode is through the dash pad. But at 6' I found the reach to be comfortable and natural - no harder than reaching for a stick. I haven't heard any complaints from others. Personally i never had a problem with the mDrive/iShift, and never had it choose a wrong gear on me - but then again, I drive on pavement and don't often go above 80k. All of our other drivers seem to prefer the 505hp Macks to our Cascadias - and they pull a lot of 90,000lb loads (139k gross). BTW, I prefer the (standard?) horizontal arrangement, which should give you a little more dash space to play with. For what it's worth, i'm just a company driver, so take it all with a grain of salt. Speaking of grains of salt, here's a promo video of a 505 mp8 Pinnacle loaded to 139k in British Columbia (where the hills are somewhat big!)
  15. Different conditions, logtruckman: Ohio doesn't have your hills.