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End673 Exhaust Manifold On 707c ?


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I have been told that the exhaust manifold from a 673 diesel, 170hp, will work on my 1962 Mack B-85F fire truck with a 707C gasoline engine. The source of this information said that he had a cracked exhaust manifold on his 1961 Mack B-70 tractor with a 707C and the 673 diesel, 170hp, exhaust manifold worked fine since the engine blocks are almost identical. He said the 673 diesel exhaust manifold is easier to find.

Any thoughts or experience you folks have in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Is the 673 the END673 and if so, does anyone know the letter for the 170hp, i.e., A, B, etc.

Thanks again,

Gary M. Belt

Manassas, VA

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