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Massive Truck And Car Auction

Mack CF

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There is a truck and car auction taking place in denbo Pa, it includes over 700 vehicles including, fire truck, work and mill trucks, and classic cars. The auction will be broken into four differnt events, two of which are for firetrucks and work trucks, 2 are for the classic car collection. This week (wednesday 15th through saturday) starts the viewin process for the first auction, ive taken pictures of all the fire trucks included in this collection. There are a ton of mack trucks in the total auction process, most of them are work trucks, and some are fire trucks. If you want anymore info on this just Pm me or post or whatever, i will supply pictures and the links to the truck auction and car auction. Thanks

Truck auction and pictures



classic car auction and pictures



my personal photos i took while i was there


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The only other b model is a work "block truck", thers a lot of macks fire truck wise... Ill list what i can remember

42 E model, unk MB 600, 69 open cab CF, 69 CF611, open cab c95(hell of a stack) c85, c 85, c85 c95, c85,

Theres a few R model work trucks, cement trucks, a boom truck (twin stick)

I immagine these will not go for much, the reseve is 100 dollars per ton (scrap charge)

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They are all one guys collection, theres a total of 700 vehicles plus, Sealed bids are due march 22nd for the first "auction" The first set of cars will go on auctoin Memorial day weekend. And then the rest will happen in september.

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Hey CF, Thanks for the link. I showed it to my wife so she won't complain about all the stuff I've got laying around here. Wow, one guy owned all that but not enough Macks. They got their wires crossed on that B model block truck though, not a '69 since '65 was the end of an era. Bob

Ain't a Mack? Take it back!

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