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675 Jacobs Vs Tec Brake

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you a correct, the tec brake has all the same parts as the jacobs brake. All parts are available through tec brake's web site. You can get a rebuild kit for it, about a 100 bucks. I am looking for some of the little discs that go ontop of the valves, there are two sizes the ones I have are the larger ones. At 25 bucks a piece they are a bit pricey.


15 gears...no waiting!
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Confirmed! We have interchanged parts between the two brakes and everything is exactly the same.

Jake parts work in Tec and Tec parts works in Jake... :D

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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Sweet! and only $100! Mine doesn't seem to work right. I put it on and it takes a long time to start to work and then doesn't seem to stop the engine really quick. When you shut it off and turn it right back on it takes quite a while for to do anything again. I installed it by the book so am not sure whats wrong. Figured it needed a rebuild and I figured the parts would be expensive as could be, but I am wrong on 1 part.

Any advice helps alot.



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