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B Model Fire Truck Questions


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A friend of mine is thinking about buying a fire truck for parades. It is a B model with a open cab and a hemi engine. What things should he be looking for? What is a possible price range for this kind of truck? He said the owner told him it was solid but needs restored. It was runnung but has not run for some time now. The truck is 6 hours away and he hopes to check it out soon. :thumb:

thanks for the help


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ive seen B models go for a range from around 3,000-10,000. hearing from the condition of the truck, id say 5,000 ish might be good? Pending on how much restoration it needs and if it runs. Find out if it pumps and if the tank will hold water if he wants to pump with it.

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Thats a very rare b model, I think 9 were made, Its on a dodge running gear. I have only seen one at Paducha Kentucky show. I hope you can get it. it should be a neat firetruck.



B61 Fred is correct it is a rare truck according to Harvey Eckarts B model Fire Truck book, less than 50 B475's were made for the US military, They used a Chrysler 354 marine Hemi engine, had a 500 or 750 GPM pump. Only a few were sold to civilian departments. I would agree that the price could range anywhere from 1000-10000 depending on condition. We have restored our B75 pumper and spent way more than 10000 so if you can get it for a good price go for it. Most likely problems will be rust in the compartments which is time and money to repair if you don't have the metal work skills and can get expensive. The engine is pretty simple and should be able to get parts for it, the pump is standard Hale pump and used pumps and parts are available through your local Fire Truck service rep. Brakes could be air or hydraulic, and can be rebuilt by several shops. The rest should be standard B model parts on the cab. Let us know if you get it.

Good Luck,


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