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Looking For Info On L T Macks

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Hello, in regards to 6 wheeler, 10 wheeler etc, I think a 6 wheeler refers to a 3 axled vehicle, dual rear or not, its just that some wheels are dual and some are single. e.g. 6x6, 4x4, 6x4, 6x2 & 8x4. Just my opinion, regards jeffro

Many of the early Mack AC six-wheelers I have seen, both in person and in photos, had single tires on the drives, not duals. In fact, many of the 2-axle trucks built in the US up until that point only ran single tires on the drive. Two of the most noted restored dual chain drive ACs are this way, one even has single solid rubber tires on the rear. I would "think" that Mack was referring to the number of "wheel hubs" when they decided to call them "six-wheelers", in stead of referring to the quantity of tires/rims. But there I go "thinking" again! I don't think we'll ever figure some of this stuff out.



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