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Where Are They Going?

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I agree with you Thad. This seems to be standard in Quebec. Lots running around Montreal

I would be concerned about the design of the front suspension. I could envision where if you drove off of a curb you could hang the first steer axle and overstress the second steer axle.

The old DMM used to have the first steer on spring and the second steer on air. I think the Quebec conversions is all on spring.

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yeah really looks like set-up we have here in Qc.. the only strange thing is no truck company makes it this way.. you have to bring the truck into a specific shop and then they convert it. Mack will be the first one to make a 4 axle truck like this for Qc!! I believe that in Georgia laws are similar to Qc for load spand on a truck so maybe it was going down in gGeorgia.. all US trucks run second axle without any steer rod but we are obligated to put one down here.. DMM were using spring on both axle, but on second axle you have less spring and an air bag.. help a lot on job site because you can release pressure in the bag and gain more traction on other wheels...

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