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2007 Mack CV713 hard to prime and bubbles in fuel filter housing 

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Good evening all,

     Working on 2007 Mack CV713 they’ve been running the truck it looses power, upon filter change the truck runs better but eventually bogs down again, its a very hard prime and once running you can see bubbles in the clear fuel filter housing and the bubbles do continue after the truck is shut down what is the best way to test the fuel system to pin point the area causing the issue. Tanks do not appear to be dirty, bubbles in the drivers side tank i be leave is from the return line spraying into the tank and aerating from the stream not necessarily from air in the fuel, and there’s no visible leak around the primer pump, have not yet checked any check valves. Any help or advice on how to best proceed is greatly appreciated hope you are all well.

Thank you- Chris 

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good deal..  just make sure the globe and its flange is clean, and the filter housing too.  the o-ring goes on the end of the globe, not under the ring...  the ring is just a big plastic nut.  You got this... 





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Seals and check valve looked ok they didn’t have a double gasket stuck under the filter I gave it a new filter and o-rings and changed the check valve the fuel looks clean I did notice a black film on the inside of the metal portion of the filter housing I’ll add few pictures here. Dumping some fuel in now and trying to fire it..also when I got to the truck today the housing was draind down to about an inch below the inlet port in the housing 



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Perfect,  did you loose fuel prime?  if so,  you can crack #2 and #4 or #5 line at the head and pump the primer til they bleed then lock'em down... it will fire up with-in 10 seconds..  

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I look forward to an update.  I am quite sure the bleed back issue is fixed... you could put a piece of tape on the globe at the fuel level, and go drink a beer or few, then come back to see if it dropped..   Just sayin'.....

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