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Chasing a new/rebuilt set of Eaton diff centers DS462P and RS462

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Hi Everybody,

Any recommendations as to anywhere i can go to get these diffs in america?   In Australia i was quoted insane prices so i figure ill be better off paying the freight.

I notice you have DS461P and RS461 diffs in the USA, are they the same as the DS462P and RS462?

Also id be interested in really healthy ones but ratio must be 3.7 and have power divider installed.



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This might help. From what I can see high speed (3.7 ratio) take a different differential case then lower ratios, so don't buy a lower ratio to re ratio to 3.7

https://www.dana.com.au/pdfs/parts-lists/AXIP-0085 Illustrated Parts List 461 to 653.pdf

One advantage of the 2 spds is you use the same case halves for all available ratios.

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The above corrects some of the wrong info I may have inadvertently posted. Like they all have 18" ring gears not 17" and they where used in heavier axles than I listed. Sorry for the mis info, but the heavier axles are not my area so much. Been all through the lighter axles.

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