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I have a '59 B61 and I have WAY too much free travel in the clutch pedal.  It also creeps forward if it's in gear even with the clutch pedal pressed to the floor.  I took the inspection cover off the bottom of the clutch housing, but I cannot see an adjustment bolt on the clutch.  Is there one or does all the adjustment need to be done via the linkage?

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I will try to find some instructions tonight in a couple of different books I have at home.  If I can remember to look.

I don't think there was any adjustment in the pressure plate.  Seems like a cam plate and a threaded rod were the adjustment points.

You wouldn't happen to know if this is a single or a double disc, would you?  Double disc had shims under the pressure plate that had to be taken out to regain clearance as the plates wore.  When a new set were put in, it was important to remember to put the shims back in.

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