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2009 Mack CHU613 oil sensors

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So this Mack I'm getting to know pretty well. It's getting completely rebuilt, one part at a time. The question I have is, the mechanic said the oil level/temperature sensor is bad. No matter what dealer i call, or site I look on, all I get is the oil pressure sensor, the one in the pan they say doesn't fit this truck. Maybe it doesn't? Can anyone verify the VIN on this truck? I'd also love a source on the mirrors this truck has, I believe it's the Rawhide edition. Next to impossible to find. The VIN # 1M1AN07Y69N004426 and it's a 2009 Mack CHU613 I'd like to thank everyone in advance, this forum has helped so much already to keep this truck rolling. Screenshot_20230522_152014_Messages.thumb.jpg.e85ede75b4203c6fbcab31e688418e95.jpgScreenshot_20230522_151941_Messages.thumb.jpg.24590589581fad4d38f09bc802ad74b0.jpg

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On your oil level/temp sensor. It’s the same one that’s used in all MP engines. Original part number is 21042447. That part/number has been updated 5 times over the years since 2008. The new number is 23285701. And apparently there is a national back order on them . 

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