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Hi everybody, I have a R685ST with FA352 front end that needs tie rod ends. The ends on it appear to be the rebuildable style. However, I can't find a parts number for the rebuild kit. All I can find is a whole tie rod end (10QH37) but that doesn't match what I have. I attached a photo of the end that I have. My style is like a sleeve that slips on, the 10QH37 is a screw on end. Can anybody help with parts numbers for this tie rod end?


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challenge to see in picture; that style should also be a thread on  two 5/8 ? bolts tighten end to tie rod it self.  one side left hand thread other right hand. is the bottom of end have the HD (same a sDM's) cotter pin and screw cap ?? not guarantee if I would call those ends rebuildable   vs replaceable.  left/ right hand threaded ends allow for adjusting the tow in.

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Not sure if this is the same axle, but it is the same type of end.  Do you know the model number of the axle (located on front, passenger's side)?

Look through the attached PDF file.  Near the end, it actually has dimensions for the ends.  If they match yours, you might have somewhere to start from.


Front Axle.pdf

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