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Mack RD 800 Framerails/chassis detail pictures

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Hello Fellow Mack enthusiast,

My name is Marco and i am a Mack model maker from the Netherlands.

I want to make 2 scale models from the Mighty Mack RD 800, I’ve purchased 2 resin RD800 conversion kits from A.I.T.M  (Dave Natale)

I don’t have any clear pictures from the frame rail’s/ chassis from the RD800 so I don’t know how to start.

can any one help me out with this?
Any pictures or drawings are a great help and appreciate 

Greetings, Marco

The Netherlands 



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I've been model building since the '60's. Dave has sadly passed away. for your RD use the DM800 kit ; modify the cab mounting. I have two DM800's in build process now. I also have a HD hayes frame rail chassis from AIM ; late Jim Etter which would work for a large car Mack . saving it for off high-way brute.

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also there is a web site for  truck model building .the  tires in the DM 800 kit for me are tooo small. don't think anyone is continuing resin truck kits . best bet the model truck builder site:bmod_mix:

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I saw a farm model builder on Shark Farmer show and he is 3D printing a lot of his tractors and scenery now. That would be cool if more people started doing that. They can make some pretty detailed stuff.

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I know i'm too old for change in many areas ;  I have some 3-D printed units . to me the resin molds have more correct detail.  BUT as is said opinions are like a$$holes ; everyone has one. 3-D is making it easier for many things to be made = no need for expense  molding forms. always a positive  some where. glass half empty or half full 

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