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Mack CV713 computer parameters help

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Hey guys, I’m hoping to get some help with a rabbit hole I’ve gone down with a 2007 Mack CV713 AI 400.  This is a triaxle dump truck we just put together, when put into service we discovered it is absolutely gutless, it was pretty much unusable for what we do.   Long story short, we’ve been throwing parts at it in an effort to make some power with it.  The problem is that our local dealer is useless and won’t uprate the horsepower. So we bought a ECM from a 2000 CH 427hp engine, we knew we wouldn’t make power with any of the available ASET AI data files anyway so we’ve decided to take it back to an etech ecm.  The truck has gained a bit of power and is now usable. Unfortunately the donor truck we pulled this ecm from did not have engine brake and apparently didn’t have an air fan clutch because the fan will not turn off anymore. 

My question is, will a tech tool with V-Mac III software be able to turn on the air fan clutch and engine brake functionality in the parameters? Or is there such a thing? If so, I’ll be purchasing a tech tool very soon.  

list of mods to truck:

etech exhaust manifold, s475 74.5mm turbo, 460HP ASET injector nozzles, ECM from 427 etech, 3.65 rear gears   


as a side note, the truck runs considerably better, has more power throughout the power band. But it still feels sluggish, we have a similar spec’d ASET AC truck with 355/380 ECM with K&S injectors and the same gear ratio and it pulls HARD compared to this troublesome truck.  Is there any other modifications I can do to this AI to make it have more power? 

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From what I’m told the newer “tech tools” although saying they have VMac software of any version, tend to bury it making it almost unusable. 

I have the old Pro Link system. You may be able to find it on eBay. It works great with the VMac III. You will be able to turn on the Jake brake. If you brought over the VECU from the donor truck you may be able to come up with a way to get the fan to do what you want it to. I have attached some info from the VMac III vendor application guide that may help. 


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8 hours ago, masterwelder said:


Masterwelder, thank you so much for the reply, such great info and detail! I found a prolink plus but the cartridge is VMAC III “Version 6.00, System Software 3.09” which sounds slightly older than yours.   Will this still work? If so, I’ll order now.   

also, is having the donor VECU mandatory? I got the etech EECU from a private sale and they do not have the VECU.  I’m currently running the original VECU that the truck came with.  Prior to changing the EECU to the etech, the fan and engine brake worked as designed.  I’m pretty sure the parameters for both of these functions lie in the EECU, but I’d like to double check with someone more knowledgeable than myself.   

side note, I had a EECU from a 300 etech and both the engine brake and fan work properly on the AI, so I’m hopeful this is simply a matter of programming the right settings.

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I’m not completely versed on the Nexiq Pro Link but as far as the revision of the software for Vmac III you may have to take what you can get. I never paid much attention to mine until you mentioned it. I guess we’re at the mercy of the eBay offerings. 

I would say if your Vecu is working with the ETech Eecu you may be ok or ok enough to run. You gages and dash work ok? I wonder if the pro link will interface with your Vecu?

My 2000 RD with a 400 was in the shop this morning so I plugged it in to the pro link to have a look. On the Eecu there are some settings for the fan. My truck has a regular non air or electric controlled fan so I wasn’t able to play with the settings, but they are there. 

Sounds like a good sign if the Eecu from a 300 ETech worked. You just need to change the parameters in the 427 Eecu. 

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The Actual MACK software is good it lets you change all sorts of stuff  you can tick of the type of fan, the type of engine brake ! trouble is Volvo would like to bury this stuff They don't want you fixing it! The prolink is good up to a point I didn't let you see everything! I much rather us the prolink for most diagnosis on   older stuff No long boot up times just get in get out! Its limited to what stuff you can change however! 

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