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CH600, tracing an air line

west illini

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I have a 1993 CH600 with a sleeper for a farm truck .  The air line that feeds the drivers seat has a leak where it enters the cab through the floor, but the leak is not accessible .  I have not been able to trace the source of this air line so can replace it, or at least disconnect it

can someone help me 

thank you 

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I'm curious??   How come you cant pull the line and follow it back to the tank? if you have a small bulk head connector in the floor, thats no biggie, they still sell them, or you can remove it and install a grommet and new line to the tank, and add a regulator to the tank port to protect the system..   jojo

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I apologize to all .   I didn’t see replies for a couple days, and wasn’t sure how notifications worked on this site .  And got hot and heavy in harvest. 
i did get it resolved .  With the help of a friend we did trace the line to under the carpet at the door .  A mouse had chewed the line.  Actually chewed the lines on both sides of the truck ( drivers and passenger seat supply lines) .  The truck had sat for a couple months this summer, not being needed, which gave the critter the opportunity.  ( yes I caught him) 

Again my sincere apologies, for the delay in update .

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It’s a grain hauler that isn’t used daily , do this isn’t the first time Mickey was around .   ( I kept a trap there )

We kept trying to find where the line went .   Pulling and playing with the  known end inside ,  couldn’t see anything moving beyond the end we saw.  So we started pulling up carpet at the edge  , and , there it was . 

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