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Mack 12 speed noisy in 4th gear

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So we pulled a 6 speed out and put a 12 speed in 3-4 years ago.  The hired driver, (nice guy, just young and inexperienced) had to drive the old R model while the Granite was out of commission for a few days........  Well now 4th gear is noisy in high or low, so thoughts?

I think there are 2 versions of this 12 speed, one for off highway trucks a little lower geared and a highway version, we have the highway version.

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If its overdrive 5th is direct and over drive, 11 and 12 

4th gear is 9th and 10th 

You need to  establish what gear box you have first I guess, have look on the LHS of the box about halfway up and it should have some numbers there 

Transmission Identification.jpg



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