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I have always used Lucas fuel treatment every other fuel up and noticed that when I had my rods and mains changed that they looked fantastic. 

The catch is I do have to Regen from time to time as a parked one. My question is this, has anyone used the Lucas Diesel Deep Clean actually work like they claim it does? Has anyone used it? I know it claims to cut back particulate going to the dpf filter but just curious if it's as good as all the other Lucas products have done for me

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What does a fuel treatment have to do with how the rods and mains look?   As far as the deep clean additive, I think most people get desperate when there is an emissions issue and start doing things like dumping additives in the fuel in hopes of fixing a legitimate emissions problem.  Your money is probably better spent ensuring your top end is set properly and your 7th Injector/AHI module is functioning correctly.  If all those things are working correctly, you really should only have passive regens.   If it starts requesting parked regens, there is an issue that needs to be addressed.   Provided you don't have 60% idle time of course.  Just my opinion.  

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I have always thought fuel additive additives were a great idea although I’ve never use them  but heard good stories but if an engine is not firing correctly it’s definitely more wear and tear on the engine and doesn’t help anything  sorry I can’t answer your question though I have never heard anything about the deep clean … but like this fella says if it’s giving you issues it’s probably too late to use anything like that at this point good luck :… bob

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