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Mack mp8

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Hello guys,  I need a little bit of help 

I have a 2013 Mack pinnacle with mp8 engine, trucks was running fine I had a dpf deleted 3 weeks ago and now the truck start  shutdown on my while it’s driving RPM get down to idle and gas pedal will not respond turn the keyswitch off and it don’t kill the engine, it remain in idle until the truck is completed parked and speedometer reached “0” and engine shutdown it self 

 turn the keep off and on and truck work fine for 15 o 20 minutes and same problem happen again 

I disconnected speed sensor when for a run and it just completed shutdown the engine on my since speedometer was on “0” all the time,  reset the keys and y runs fine agains  

Only code on Ecm 

Mid 140, ppid 278 fmi 9

mid 144 psid 40 fmi 4 

One time it show 

mid 144 psid 230 fmi 5 

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So the MID 144/PSID 40/FMI 4 is for “daytime running light relay short circuit to ground or open ground” not your issue…Now the MID 140/PPID 278/FMI 9 looks like it very well could be. It’s for “Missing Diesel Exhaust Fluid” 🤔

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Also your one time code of MID144/PSID230/FMI 5 is something to also look into. It’s for “software failure.” Which is “Incorrect/interruption of the program due to a power failure. There was no power for at least 10 seconds when the ignition is on. Breakage or partial damage to the power cord or ground of the vehicle control unit.”

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