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Illinois Trip Permit



Need to drive our 03 Mack MR688 from PA to Iowa. JJ Keller can sell me a trip/fuel permit for every state but Illinois. WTF? Does Illinois sell trip permits? 

Our truck/DOT # is set up for "Intrastate only" in Pennsylvania. Is there any legal way to drive through Illinois or do we have to detour through Kentucky and Missouri to get to Iowa?

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1 hour ago, Nobody454 said:



looks like our fine state makes you use a private service to buy the permit

"If I do not have an IFTA license and have a qualified motor vehicle traveling interstate what do I need to do?"


OUr truck doesn't "qualify" it's PA only. Need a trip permit to "qualify"

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Interesting. That's the one thing that eluded me. I think the technicality I'm combatting is that I'm marked Intrastate on my DOT #. JJ Keller implies most states are just happy to get the trip permit $$$, despite the minor DOT intrastate technicality, but Illinois is very strict and wouldn't dismiss it as trivial.

Regardless, my parents want nothing to do with Chicago/Illinois, so they're set on cruising Ohio to Kentucky to Tennessee to Missouri to Iowa. There's a ferry from Kentucky to Missouri but the ferry seems to have been broken down for a few weeks so the only other Mississippi River crossing (without going through Illinois) is to drop down to Tennessee.

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