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code 4 1 on my 2004 mack granite cv713

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Which FMI are you seeing on the fault? This will tell us what issue you are having (electrical or mechanical). What type of transmission is installed on this unit?

Need a little more information. 

There is a bulk head connector on top of the transmission where the speed sensor wires pass through and sometimes that connector does come partially loose. Make sure that connector is tight. Is the transmission output yoke tight? Is the Tone ring on the transmission yoke tight? Remove the sensor and pry on the tone ring and see if it spins, if it does then the yoke is loose. How was the sensor adjusted? Spin the sensor on until it contacts the tone ring and back it off 3/4 of a turn. 

This fault will not go away until the truck is driven once the correct repair is done.

Let us know what you find or have done.


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