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On 9/28/2021 at 7:51 AM, 880joe said:

Does anyone know if a crd 125 & 126 will fit in same housings as the 92 & 93. 

Yes. It will fit but make sure the axle housing has R-Series spindles and/or find matching axle shafts. Also, I am assuming you did home work on ratio change. CRD125/126 has only 2.54, 2.66 & 2.83 axle ratio. CRD92/93 fastest ratio starts at 3.86. 

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CRD92/93 has been in production since 1950-60 and discontinued and replaced with CRD150/151 in 2009 (crd125/126 is a sub-family of CRD150/151 with 125,000 lbs GCW for linehaul introduced in 2012). There are different differential gears versions for axle shafts during this time. In 2002-2003, Mack introduced fabricated housings with industry standard R-Series spindles to commonize wheel end equipment. The proprietary spindle fab steel housing and also cast iron housing was still available. It your truck has relatively new fab housing most possibly it has new R-Series spindles. For CRD125/126 R-Series you need Right side axle shaft P/N: 23821464. If you have inter-wheel diff lock on CRD125/126 (front, rear or both) you will need L.H. Axle shaft P/N:23821484. With out inter-wheel diff lock the L.H. axle shaft P/N will be 23821437. If you have proprietary spindles then you can still get the axleshafts for CRD125/126 (the newer CRD92/93 axleshafts will fit CRDD15/126).

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