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2003 CH Air Conditioner/Heater right side panel removal????

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I'm trying to clean my evaporator and also I want to see what's up with my control that controls the air flow to the vents, defrost, etc. as I don't get much air flow out any of them.  I'm trying to remove the plastic panel on the right side of the console but for some reason I can't get it loose.  I've been told there is a bolt/screw under the hood below the windshield but I can't find anything there to remove.  Any ideas where all of the fasteners are for this?

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when you pull the panel that has the cup holders, you can barley see a screw at the top of the top right corner... What i did, was.... i made a flat tube out of card board and attached it to a shop vac. then take a small lenght of 2x4 and pry the duct open, gently and hold it with the block... then take the homemade vac tube and suck it!!! i use card board because it will shred before F'n up the core.... just be patient... you will also see a blue plastic filter thats like a brillo pad.... I have stitched 2 of them together with zip ties and stuffed it back in, then just pull it out to clean it.... not a true fix, but when you get good at cleaning this, the 20 minutes is worth it...  another thing you can do after its clean is to switch the hvac to recirculate, or just shut it off till you are out of the dust,,  not perfect, but somewhat preventative....  ok.... there will be more and better ideas coming...  good luck, Jojo

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