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1919 White model 15 magneto help: Which way did he go George?

Great White

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We are rebuilding the American Bosch ZR4 magneto for a White model 15. The mag arrived in pieces and is close to being reassembled. Does anyone in cyberland have a model 15 or know if the magneto is to turn clockwise or anticlockwise(when facing the drive end)? The truck came with one set up for anticlockwise and the second one looks like it is configured for clockwise.  Our White model 45 magneto turns clockwise but uses a very different engine. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

On the Road Again.JPG

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Hi, ive been told most mags can be altered to run either way ?, sorry i cant be of more help, two of the whites i have are unrestored and the earlier chaindrive models, both have the eisseman mag, and the third white is a small 3/4 ton 1915 model which also came with an eisseman, 

do you plan on a full restoration? or just a mechanical one? would look good either way i reckon,



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