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  1. Just an update, spoke to the museum staff the truck was picked up by its owner a while back as it was on loan, i asked if it would be for sale but have not heard back so assuming it isnt available, back to the drawing board, mike.
  2. Hi grayhair thanks for the information on the whereabouts of the pierce truck, i will try my luck and talk to the owner Cheers mike.
  3. These are rears for my truck, i need a set of front wheels the same style, if anyone knows of any ? Let me know please. thanks mike.
  4. Michael thanks for turning the pictures around, mike
  5. Hi, just joined BMT and seen this post, i have one of these pierce trucks that im planning on restoring, its a 26 xa 2 ton model, i am missing some correct parts and sure would like to know where this one in the picture and the other one mentioned for sale in pa are and how to contact the owners, appreciate any leads thanks mike
  6. Hi yarnall, i have just joined the bigmacktrucks site and have seen the topic on pierce arrow trucks, i have a 1926 xa 2 ton model that i have been searching for some parts to make it complete, do you still know of the one near you ?, it had a stuck engine? and it was a couple of yrs ago? anyway thought id ask as you never know?

    kind regards 

    mike cameron

  7. Hi from new zealand, my intetest are trucks from the teens to the twenties, and i hope one day to own an AC mack, i know of one in a museum here that was imported about 20 yrs ago, other than that im not sure any others came here ? I do have other early american truck projects and aim to restore them one day, well thats the plan? mike cameron added pictures, 1918 series two Liberty 1926 XA 2 ton pierce arrow
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